The Traditional Frame Sign is our most economical, yet this system maintains a professional look.

  • Easy slide-in / slide-out inserts.
  • Availabel with a straight or beveled edge.
  • Choice of 5 standard finishes: Matte Black, Bronze, Satin Silver, Bright Polished Silver or Bright Rose Gold. Other finishes available.
  • Inserts can be easily changed with new ones, reflecting a company's changing environment
  • A large variety of insert colors to choose from - custom color inserts also available

  1. 1) Determine if you require: Frame only, Insert Only, or a Complete Sign. The Complete Sign includes frame & insert together.
  2. 2) Choose either square edges (standard) or beveled edges.
  3. 3) Choose size of sign required.
  4. 4) Choose frame color and / or insert color. Frames come in 5 colors described above, while insert colors can be chosen from our swatch list located in our catalog.
  5. 5) Choose letter style. Letter style or "font" can be chosen from our standard engraving font list located in our catalog. custom fonts are also available and may require an up-charge. Please contact our office for pricing.
  6. 6) Choose mounting options. There are several options for mounting the Designer Frame Sign system. They include:


    • Double sided Foam Tape: This double stick tape is very durable. Suited best for door or wall mount signs.
    • Velcro: Used primarily on systems furniture with fabric panels.
    • Pin Mount: Not available.
    • Acrylic "U" Bracket: Excellent for systems furniture panels of all types and varying widths. Best suited when height consistency and uniformity of sign placement is required. (note: width of panel required)
    • Screw Mount: Recommended for larger signs or where permanence is of greatest concern


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